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Born 1965 Wiesbaden, Germany 

Nature is the central motif of Christiane Löhr's work. For her works - sculptures and installations- the artist employs elements belonging to the natural world, such as seeds of diverse vegetable species, stalks, stems, inflorescences of small plants, at times even horsehair. Through these simple materials, picked by the artist on an urban roadside or during a walk in the country, Löhr observes the perfection of the geometrical shapes, their inner structures, as well as their compositional potential, by dividing, sorting and drying them.

With slow and patient handwork, and renouncing any kind of adulteration (Löhr does not employ glue or any other chemical material to keep the elements together), the artist creates constructions a few centimetres high, finite shapes that open up to infinite associations. Fragile and almost transparent, Löhr's works interact with the void that surrounds them, as if stealing vital force from the transparency of air. 

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