Artist Profiles

Leo Fitzmaurice

Born 1963 Shropshire, England

Leo Fitzmaurice’s work concentrates on the physical manifestations of information within our environment; shop windows, packaging, brochures, magazines, flyers, even road signage.

Fitzmaurice states that 'I am interested in keeping the energy of this type of design whilst removing its original function and message. In all of my work there is a desire for the material and design of communication rather than its content. By reworking or repositioning this material I can enjoy it in new and unexpected ways.

My work I see it as a form of abstraction; not in relation to figuration but rather in relation to information. My work opens up spaces for thinking around this sort of information rather than providing an arena in which this information can be absorbed. Initially my problem is to look at this material quietly whilst it shouts in my face.

Subsequently I use various tactics to mute its message. Then I see it more clearly – that is the object – I do not impose new meaning.'