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Janice Kerbel

Born 1969, Ontario, Canada.

Janice Kerbel's work has been exhibited widely in Europe, North America and the UK. Often inhabiting the form of plans, her work proposes Utopian possibilities by imagining them free from practical and ideological constraints.

Her conceptual drawings and text deal with her growing inventory of idealistic, challenging situations. Each drawing is posited as an engaging investigation offering both a physical and cerebral journey through public and private spaces that may be overlooked in daily urban life, at work, school or in public housing estate settings. Kerbel is interested in making drawings that take the form of plans or studies to ultimately maintain the "promise" of a plausible, subsequent state of being or imagined solution, while at the same time rendering any such fulfilment obsolete and slightly ridiculous. The drawings are confident in their coded design "solutions" and ultimately make one conscious of the real possibility to navigate the public/private and exterior/interior spaces that Kerbel imagines.

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