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Jonathan Schipper

Born 1973 Chico, California, USA

Schipper’s work provides an alternative way of experiencing the world by slowing down physical events to almost imperceptible movement.  

Because of the reduced velocity of his events, the motion of the car is undetectable, invisible to the naked eye. The speed has been distilled out of the piece. While speed has been removed, it sits like an erased De Kooning, ever present in the work. The crash implies it, leaving a relic of its transformative power.

By reducing a crash to its Newtonian elements, by compartmentalizing the components, can we isolate the moment of transformation, box it back in, recapture it?

The futility of the pursuit is central in Schipper’s work. The mystery unveiled under the microscope always seems to reveal smaller components of mystery, drawing us around an Escher staircase.


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