Locus+ is a visual arts commissioning agency that works with artists on the production and presentation of socially engaged, collaborative and temporary projects, primarily for non-gallery locations. In each project place or context is integral to the meaning of the artwork.

Locus+ creates new opportunities for artists, whose work is issue-based, to work in different contexts and across formats. Locus+ responds to and initiates projects with a great degree of flexibility and freedom. We have worked with artists with significant reputations as well as others beginning their careers. We afford equal value to each project regardless of scale or location. Every Locus+ project is generated by the organisation: we do not act as a host for existing projects.

Andrew Grassie, The Locus+ Office, 2001. Tempera on paper

The Locus+ Archive

Although Locus+ was formally established in April 1993 it was preceded by the Basement Group (1979-1984) and Projects UK (1982-1992) the first office-based visual arts organisation in the UK. The organisation is recognised as a key regional, national and international agency for the development of new initiatives in the realisation of visual art and cross-media projects.