28 January 2015Jonathan Monk / A copy of Richard Hamilton Whitley Bay 1965

Jonathan Monk
A copy of Richard Hamilton, Whitley Bay, 1965

We have just posted the first set of postcards for this year-long project!

Jonathan Monk's edition project consists of a series of 12 postcards, sent on a monthly basis during 2015. 

Every month, a new reproduction will be added. The first card (to be send by the end of January) shows a reproduction of the original card by Hamilton. The reproduction was made through an analogue photo technique- by use of a traditional medium format camera. The transparency that was made with this camera served as the basis for the first postcard. 

Through the use of offset printing, each time the card is reproduced there is a 3 mm bleed (printer's boarder cropping) that will disappear. By repeating this process 12 times, each reproduction of the previous card will be more and more in close up.

The first card is titled ‘A copy of Richard Hamilton Whitley Bay, 1965’. The following card then is titled ‘Another copy of Richard Hamilton Whitley Bay 1965’, and so on.

The actual postcards will be sent then from Whitley Bay at the end of each month.

The edition consists of 40 signed and numbered sets.

Subscribers will receive 12 postcards / one per month.

To subscribe please contact MOREpublishers