16 February 2022Martin Firrell / Out of the Ordinary

Photo: Marie's front room. Photographed by Marie

Channel 4 has commissioned public artist Martin Firrell to create a portrait of the people of Leeds and Bradford to mark the arrival of the new Channel 4 HQ.

The completed portrait will be a series of short public art films shown by Channel 4. These little films will add up to a 'mosaic' picture of life being lived in Bradford and Leeds right now.

The artist is inviting you to take part in the artwork by sharing stories from your daily life. (The only rules are that you must be over 18 and live and/or work in Leeds or Bradford.)

To take part, please visit his website and send him a short email, describing what is out of the ordinary about your daily life and attach a photo illustrating that out-of-the-ordinariness.