Gary Perkins, Heat Signature, 2003

Gary Perkins
Heat Signature, 2003 

The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

An interactive installation using heat and thermal imaging technology to recreate Winter Landscape (1811) by Caspar David Freidrich.

Locus+ were invited by the Laing Art Gallery to commission a site specific work of contemporary art based upon the theme of Paradise to coincide with the National Gallery touring exhibition.

Perkins’ ‘Heat Signature’ constructs in one Gallery the replication of the structural compositional elements within Caspar David Friedrich’s “Winter Landscape” in their barest form. The audience will be able to walk through this ‘landscape’, and into the next Gallery where a video projection relays the image through Thermal Imaging technology; reconstructing an image of “Winter Landscape” through thermal radiance. 

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Gary Perkins
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Heat Signature