Layla Curtis, Polar Wandering, 2005

Layla Curtis
Polar Wandering, 2005-2006

A web-based project that recorded the three-month journey the artist made to and from Antarctica.

Polar Wandering was an interactive drawing made using a personal GPS tracking device. By regularly logging longitudinal and latitudinal data generated by the GPS system onto the website, the artist’s movements grew into an interactive line drawing embedded with photos, videos, sound recordings, and text. As the project progressed the live GPS drawing developed into a complex data map through which viewers personally explored this multimedia survey of the relatively sparsely mapped continent of Antarctica.

Polar Wandering also produced a portfolio of screenprints and a series of video works - Soup, Wanderers, Horizon (Port, Starboard) and Crevasse.  

Layla Curtis was awarded the 2006 Artists and Writers Fellowship Award, a joint partnership between the British Antarctic Survey and Arts Council England's International Artists Fellowships Programme. 

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Layla Curtis
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