Elizabeth Wright, Space Travel, 2005

Elizabeth Wright
Space Travel, 2005 

Gateshead Metro Station

A sequence of 115 images of the interior of car parks reproduced on large light-reflective panels viewable through the Metro carriage as it passes through the tunnel.

‘But after all, the special attraction of the (train) journey lies not in our being able to alight at places on the way and to stop altogether as soon as we get tired, but in its making the difference between departure and arrival not as imperceptible but as an intense as possible, so that we are conscious of it in its totality, intact, as it existed in our mind when imagination bore us from the place in which we were living right to the very heart of a place we longed to see, in a single sweep which seemed miraculous to us not so much because it covered a certain distance as because it united two distinct individualities of the world, took us from one name to another name; and this difference is accentuated (more than in a form of locomotion in which, since one can stop and alight where one chooses, there can scarcely be said to be any point of arrival) by the mysterious operation that is performed in those peculiar places, railway stations, which do not constitute, so to speak, a part of the surrounding town but contain the essence of its personality just as upon their signboards they bear its painted name.’

Marcel Proust 1918.

Marcel Proust. Rememberance of Things Past vol 3 Within a Budding Grove, part 1 P310 C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Chatto & Winds 1957


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