Tatzu Nishi, Hotel Monument, 2008

Tatzu Nishi
Hotel Monument, 2008 (Unrealised)

Locus+ invited internationally renowned Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi to produce a spectacular project for Newcastle upon Tyne.  Nishi focuses on creating environments for sculptures and monuments in the public realm that pose questions and invent new contexts through the transformation of space.  He presents his projects outside a museum or art context in order to engage with the widest possible public and to enable his structures to be encountered within ‘normal’ reality.  Nishi’s work deals with ideas about contexts for works of art, history and the present, the spaces that surround things, about urbanity and, ultimately, the social fabric. 

Hotel Monument proposed to place a fully functioning hotel room and reception at the top of Grey’s Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne, around the statue of Earl Grey, 40m above the ground.  With the statue situated in the centre of the hotel room, the temporary structure would be built in such a way that the pedestal disappears, enthralling visitors who would have been able to stand at the same level as Earl Grey; revealing this iconic statue in a way never before experienced and providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors to stay in this bespoke hotel with its amazing views of the city.  The interior would replicate every detail of a hotel room including a fully functioning bathroom with shower and toilet.  Aimed for the summer period, there will be public access to the room from 11am - 4pm, between 5pm-7pm, the room would have been available for corporate hire before opening again from 8pm - 10am as a normal hotel, taking bookings at a commercial rate including breakfast for two people.  Hotel Monument also featured a specific state of the art website, extending the experience to offer a virtual tour. 

Hotel Monument has been commissioned by Locus+ on behalf of culture10, the festivals and events programme for the North East based at NewcastleGateshead Initiative with the support of: Faber Maunsell; Ryder Architecture; Marriott Hotels and Resorts; WOW Solutions; and Watson Burton LLP, and with funding from: One NorthEast; Arts Council England, North East; Newcastle City Council and the Henry Moore Foundation.


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