Alastair MacLennan, The Touring Exhibitionists, 1984

The Touring Exhibitionists, 1984

27.05.1984 - 01.06.1984

The Touring Exhibitionists was the first project travelling solely under the Projects UK banner. Artists Anne Bean, John Carson, Joel Hubaut, Alastair MacLennan, John Maybury, Nigel Rolfe, Marty St James, Anne Wilson, and Silvia Ziranek were taken on a coach around the country to make performances in the revue format favoured by The Basement Group.

They performed at the Zap Club, Brighton; the Diorama, London; the Arnolfini, Bristol; the Rochdale Arts Centre; the Midland Group, Nottingham; and Newcastle's own Balmbras Music Hall.

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The Touring Exhibitionists
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