Mona Hatoum, Position: Suspended, 1986

Mona Hatoum
Position: Suspended, 1986

The Laing Art Gallery

New Work Newcastle '86

A performance lasting the duration of a day in which Hatoum occupied a rudimentary wedge-shaped cage or shack. One side was left open and screened with chicken-wire, so that everyone had to pass by at close quarters. Pacing back and forth in the confined space, which was hung with an assortment of rusty hand-tools, she brushed up against them. The mud covering her body gradually rubbed off on these unused instruments of work. References to imprisonment, poverty, unemployment and wasted creative energies were combined with the considerable physical dignity with which the artist occupied this marginal and debased corner of the city museum.

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Mona Hatoum
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Position: Suspended
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