The Locus+ Archive (incorporating material from the Basement Group and Projects UK) hosted at the University of Sunderland currently has two PhD posts affiliated to it and is the largest archive of time-based work in Europe. It forms a comprehensive historical overview of contemporary art practice from the early '70s to the present, covering artists' projects from a variety of British and international contexts. Here is a snapshot of the projects that have been digitized to date.

John Adams Intellectual Properties, 1986

This six-part fiction is an ironic, stylized discourse on representation, reproduction, production and reality. Formally structured on the concept that sound qualifies image, each segment uses a different anecdotal soundtrack to recontextualize recurring visual material, until the narratives converge in the final sequence.

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Intellectual Properties

John Adams Bob and Jill (pt. 2), 1982

In Bob and Jill (Pt. 2), the relation between fact and fiction in the personal and popular narratives of everyday life is rendered in an assemblage of soap opera conventions, performance and documentary

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Bob and Jill (pt. 2)

John Adams Sensible Shoes, 1983

Sensible Shoes is a witty collision of fiction and reality, ironically rendered as a multi-textual pastiche of mass media and personal narratives.

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Sensible Shoes

John Adams Testing; One, Two, 1976

John Adams's first performance

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Testing; One, Two

Tanya Axford Babel's Folly, 2001

Babel's Folly crams a former department store space with thousands of rolls of domestic wallpaper pulled into teetering pillars.

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Babel's Folly

Fiona Banner Tornado, 2010

Tornado by Fiona Banner was a co-commission by Locus+ and Great North Run Culture forming part of the Cultural Olympiad's Open Weekend.

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Fiona Banner Print Portfolio, 2012

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

Christian Barnes A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District, 2014

A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District, is a unique hand-made book measuring 120 x 120 cm. Conceived and devised by Christian Barnes and commissioned by Locus+, it reveals the hidden contours of the principal lakes in the English Lake District at a scale of 1:41250

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A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District

Oliver Beck Nail It, 2010

A commission for the 2010 Locus+ Christmas card.

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Nail It

Catherine Bertola Scratching the Surface, 2001

For the work Scratching the Surface Bertola engraved a traditional decorative pattern into the exterior wall of a once-domestic, now-commercial building.

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Scratching the Surface