The Locus+ Archive (incorporating material from the Basement Group and Projects UK) hosted at the University of Sunderland currently has two PhD posts affiliated to it and is the largest archive of time-based work in Europe. It forms a comprehensive historical overview of contemporary art practice from the early '70s to the present, covering artists' projects from a variety of British and international contexts. Here is a snapshot of the projects that have been digitized to date.

2020 Jewyo Rhii, Love Your Depot_LDN

Part of an ongoing project which awarded Rhii the 2019 Korea Artist Prize for her show at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Seoul, the exhibition at KCCUK has been reconstituted into a multi-purpose, multi-dimensional presentation that is particularly poignant in this current climate. Showcasing a combination of a physical storage space for artworks and a workspace for creative activities, Rhii also brings the show to the digital realm by creating an accompanying online platform.

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Love Your Depot_LDN

2018 Anya Gallaccio, dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light

A new commission for Lindisfarne Castle delivered in partnership with the National Trust through Trust New Art supported using funding from Arts Council England and the Henry Moore Foundation.

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dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light

2017 Monica Ross, A Critical Fine Art Practice

An extensive exhibition from the archives of British artist Monica Ross (1950-2013)

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2016 Wolfgang Weileder, Transfer Laban

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Transfer Laban

2015 Jonathan Monk, A copy of Richard Hamilton, Whitley Bay, 1965

A year-long project involving the reproduction of Richard Hamilton's famous Whitley Bay, 1965 postcard, mailed each month from the postbox in Whitley Bay.

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A copy of Richard Hamilton, Whitley Bay, 1965

2014 Jonathan Monk, A Small Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Placed Inside a Padded Envelope & Stamped on by Jonathan Monk

A Small Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Placed Inside a Padded Envelope & Stamped on by Jonathan Monk was a commissioned work for the Locus+ 2014 Christmas card.

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A Small Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Placed Inside a Padded Envelope & Stamped on by Jonathan Monk

2014 Ron Geesin, Blackbird Quadralogue

Drawing together the calls of four Blackbirds as they move through one year, Blackbird Quadralogue, is a beautiful musical composition that interrogates notions of territories and belonging, and those of the individual vs the collective.

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Blackbird Quadralogue

2014 Christian Barnes, A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District

A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District, is a unique hand-made book measuring 120 x 120 cm. Conceived and devised by Christian Barnes and commissioned by Locus+, it reveals the hidden contours of the principal lakes in the English Lake District at a scale of 1:41250

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A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District

2013 Jane and Louise Wilson, Blind Landings

Blind Landings (H-bomb Test Site, Orford Ness) #3
2013, Photo collage, 360 x 360mm, Variation of 4

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Blind Landings

2013 Sarah Pickering, Celestial Objects

Celestial Objects, by Sarah Pickering, has been made by photographing a revolver fired in total darkness.

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Celestial Objects

2013 Katie Paterson, Second Moon

A fragment of the Moon, couriered around the earth for one year.

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Second Moon

2012 Chris Burden, Print Portfolio

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

2012 Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Print Portfolio

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

2012 Fiona Banner, Print Portfolio

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

2012 Richard Wright, Print Portfolio

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

2012 Mark Dion, Print Portfolio

A Limited Edition print portfolio available in 2013

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Print Portfolio

2012 Suzanne Treister, DIY Drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): 'ArduCopter 3DR Hexa'

Watercolour on paper, 210 x 150 mm, 2012

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DIY Drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): 'ArduCopter 3DR Hexa'

2012 Douglas Gordon, The End of Civilisation

A grand piano burns in this epic film by Turner prize-winning Scottish artist Douglas Gordon.

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The End of Civilisation

2012 Jonathan Schipper, Slow Motion Car Crash

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Slow Motion Car Crash

2011 Cerith Wyn Evans, Permit yourself...

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Permit yourself...

2010 Oliver Beck, Nail It

A commission for the 2010 Locus+ Christmas card.

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Nail It

2010 Fiona Banner, Tornado

Tornado by Fiona Banner was a co-commission by Locus+ and Great North Run Culture forming part of the Cultural Olympiad's Open Weekend.

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2010 Richard Grayson, The Magpie Index

The Magpie Index is a single-screen high-definition video art-work by artist Richard Grayson, focusing on legendary singer-songwriter Roy Harper.

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The Magpie Index

2009 Alastair MacLennan, Coil To Met

A two-day durational performance in an old disused warehouse as part of Wunderba Live Art Festival.

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Coil To Met

2008 Tatzu Nishi, Hotel Monument

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Hotel Monument

2008 Sonia Boyce, For You Only You

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For You Only You

2007 Toby Paterson, Asymmetric Snowflake

Asymmetric Snowflake was a commissioned work for the Locus+ 2007 Christmas card.

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Asymmetric Snowflake

2007 Mark Dion, Memorial to Thomas Bewick

A semi-permanent sculptural memorial to Thomas Bewick sited in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Memorial to Thomas Bewick

2007 Janice Kerbel, Deadstar

Deadstar is the plan for a "new" ghost town. Taking the form of a town plan, it uses the conventions of urban planning and the history of abandoned settlements, the orientation of extinct celestial formations and the habits of the supernatural to envisage a timeless settlement for ghosts.

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2006 Ant Macari, All about the Benjamins

A commission for the Locus+ Christmas card 2006

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All about the Benjamins

2006 Graham Gussin, Illumination Rig

A site-specific installation using film-lights to illuminate urban non-spaces, in particular the locations where architectural styles clash

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Illumination Rig

2006 Matt Stokes, Sacred Selections

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Sacred Selections

2005 Layla Curtis, Polar Wandering

A web-based project that recorded the three-month journey the artist made to and from Antarctica.

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Polar Wandering

2005 Layla Curtis, NewcastleGateshead

NewcastleGateshead is a collaged map compiled from regional namesakes taken from city maps worldwide. In the form of a generic folded map, the collage mimics the existing, familiar structure of NewcastleGateshead.

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2005 Elizabeth Wright, Space Travel

A sequence of 115 images of the interior of car parks reproduced on large light-reflective panels viewable through the Metro carriage as it passes through the tunnel.

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Space Travel

2005 Chris Burden, Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship involved the construction and development of a crewless, self-navigating sailing boat, which undertook its maiden voyage between Fair Isle, Scotland and Newcastle upon Tyne. Audiences were able to track the boats progress via a live, daily updated website.

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Ghost Ship

2005 Stepanka Stein & Salim Issa, Ordinary Living

Artist residency and collaboration with IPRN University of Sunderland

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Ordinary Living

2004 Janice Kerbel, Underwood (Christmas letter)

A letter composed by Janice Kerbel using a typeface based on that of a typewriter manipulated by the artist.

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Underwood (Christmas letter)

2004 Natalie Jeremijenko & Eugene Thacker, Creative Biotechnology: a user's manual

Publication and on-line work, documenting and discussing research and issues surrounding Biotech Hobbyism funded by the Wellcome Trust. Launched: 15.09.04 Artists Space, New York and 22.09.04 Henry Wellcome Building for Neuroecology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Creative Biotechnology: a user's manual

2004 Mark Wallinger, The Underworld

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The Underworld


Artist residency, exhibition and commission

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2003 Nathan Coley, Show Home

Show Home is a temporary public art work that addresses the aspirations of home buying and associated lifestyle packages.

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Show Home

2003 Gary Perkins, Heat Signature

An interactive installation using heat and thermal imaging technology to recreate Winter Landscape (1811) by Caspar David Freidrich.

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Heat Signature

2002 Simon Patterson, Escape Routine

Simon Patterson, Escape Routine. 2002
A commissioned film that focuses on the in-flight safety demonstrations enacted by flight attendants.

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Escape Routine

2001 Catherine Bertola, Scratching the Surface

For the work Scratching the Surface Bertola engraved a traditional decorative pattern into the exterior wall of a once-domestic, now-commercial building.

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Scratching the Surface

2001 Tanya Axford, Babel's Folly

Babel's Folly crams a former department store space with thousands of rolls of domestic wallpaper pulled into teetering pillars.

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Babel's Folly

2001 Jo Coupe, Fruitbody

For the work Fruitbody, Coupe turned a warehouse into an incubating environment to reproduce graffiti tags (signatures) found in the city, from mould.

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2000 Wendy Kirkup, Echo

Using advanced Siemens Panoramic Ultrasound equipment a journey through the artist's body was broadcast simultaneously via satellite at two locations.

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2000 Simon Patterson, Landskip

Simon Patterson, Landskip. 2000
Commissioned as part of the pre-opening season at Compton Verney.

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2000 Anya Gallaccio, Repens

Repens was a temporary land-work using a decorative motif designed by Robert Adam for the ceiling of the Great Hall at Compton Verney

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2000 Lloyd Gibson, n

Gruinard Island was used by the Ministry of Defence in World War II to experiment in biological warfare. Project n, a figurative sculpture constructed from Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) designed to distort and change at predetermined temperatures was installed on Gruinard.

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1999 Andrew Grassie, The Locus+ office

Three paintings commissioned for a series of Locus+ Christmas cards. Tempera on paper, 14.2 x 19.7cm

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The Locus+ office

1999 Laura Vickerson, Fairy Tales and Factories

Fairy Tales and Factories involved the construction and installation of a 3.5 metre wide hooded cape, with a 21-metre long train made from hundreds of thousands of red rose petals.

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Fairy Tales and Factories

1998 Anya Gallaccio, Two Sisters

Two Sisters was a 6-metre high, 2.5-metre diameter and 70-ton column of chalk bonded by plaster installed on the silt bed of the Minerva Basin, Hull. The work was continually modified by the tidal flow of the River Humber until it finally eroded and collapsed.

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Two Sisters

1998 Cathy de Monchaux, The Day Before You Looked Through Me

The Day Before You Looked Through Me is de Monchaux's first permanent public artwork, incorporating the use of photography on a monumental scale.

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The Day Before You Looked Through Me

1998 Paul St. George, Minumental

Minumental scale version of Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North, launched to coincide with the opening of the actual Angel of the North.

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1997 Lawrence Paul Yuxwelupton, An Indian Shooting the Indian Act

A performance ritual enacted at the National Rifle Association Range, Bisley and on a private estate, Healey, Northumberland in which First-Nation-Canadian Yuxwelupton shot copies of the Indian Act.

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An Indian Shooting the Indian Act

1997 Paul Wong, Window '97

Shown from 29 to 31 May 1997 to coincide with the hand-over of Hong Kong from the UK to China, Windows '97 was an installation consisting of large backlit colour photographs of Quenn Elizabeth II and Chairman Mao bordered by flashing neon symbols; the Union Jack, red star, AK47, Money signs, a crown and the new Hong Kong logo.

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Window '97

1996 Gregory Green, Gregnik (Proto 1)

A fully functional communications satellite created to broadcast stories and anecdotes from the community in the Meadow Well estateTyne & Wear

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Gregnik (Proto 1)

1996 Jan Wade & Vanessa Richards, Jazz Slave Ships, Witness, I Burn

A site-specific performance installation in Whitehaven, Cumbria, the last English slaving port and Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, the birthplace of anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce

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Jazz Slave Ships, Witness, I Burn

1996 Steve Farrer, The Cinema of Machines

The Cinema of Machines, explored both the history of cinema and the artist's own history

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The Cinema of Machines

1996 Richard Wilson, The Joint's Jumping

A proposal for the Baltic Flour Mill in Gateshead prior to the opening of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

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The Joint's Jumping

1996 Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Nach Chernobyl

In 1986 Hesse-Honegger began to document the effects of the fallout from the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine, making studies of insects affected by the radiation plume that spread across Europe.

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Nach Chernobyl

1996 Stefan Gec, Buoy

A fully operational ocean-going buoy fabricated by recasting the steel from the artist's previous project Trace Elements (1990)

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1996 Shane Cullen, Fragmens sur les Institutions Republicaines IV

The work consists of ninety-six large tablet like panels onto which the artist has transcribed meticulously in paint the contents of numerous 'Comms'; the written communications smuggled in and out of H-Blocks during the hunger strikes.

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Fragmens sur les Institutions Republicaines IV

1995 Alan Moore, The Birth Caul

A performance monologue by comic book writer Alan Moore, in collaboration with composer David J (of pop group Bauhaus) and musician Tim Perkins.

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The Birth Caul

1995 Philip Napier, Sovereign

A videotape and video installation produced during a residency by Belfast artist Philip Napier in Vancouver, Canada.

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1995 Ian Breakwell, Hidden Cities

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Hidden Cities

1995 Stefan Gec, Natural History

Six large black and white photographic portraits of the first six firemen who died trying to contain the fire within the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl.

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Natural History

1995 Daniel J. Martinez, How To Con A Capitalist

Street performance, interrogating assumptions of public space and cultural hierarchy.

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How To Con A Capitalist

1994 Nhan Duc Nguyen, Temple of My Familiar

Temple of My Familiar was a installation of a large (32 metres) mural using Vietnamese and Buddhist iconography depicting details of the artist's life. This included the incident in which he temporarily lost his sight as a result of a racist attack.

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Temple of My Familiar

1994 Mark Wallinger, A Real Work of Art

An edition of 50 die-cast equestrian statuettes, sold to fund the purchase, stabling and training of a race horse named A Real Work of Art, which ran in the 1994 flat season.

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A Real Work of Art

1994 John Newling, Skeleton

A temporary installation in which the residue of approximately 80,000 template sheets of communion bread (after the wafer had been punched out) were stacked at intervals on the church pews.

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1993 Lloyd Gibson, Crash Subjectivity

Installation of a marmoreal hermaphrodite figure.

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Crash Subjectivity

1993 Louise K. Wilson, The Museum of Accidents

A performance installation which recreated a 1920's tea dance in the Great Hall of the Museum of Science and Engineering. As an Orchestra played, ballroom dancers swept past a screen which showed a continuous projection of the virtual flight and accident of a simulated plane.

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The Museum of Accidents

1993 Paul Wong, Feng Shui

A performance installation in which artists installed objects and carried out rituals associated with the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui

1993 Pat Naldi & Wendy Kirkup, Search

A project that highlighted the capabilities of the new CCTV systems and their impact on our personal freedom.

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1991 Ian Breakwell, Christmas Carol

A performance in which four synchronised figures dressed in Santa Claus costumes performed in Newcastle's Northumberland Street.

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Christmas Carol

1990 Stefan Gec, Trace Elements

Trace Elements was part of TSWA Four Cities. It comprised eight large bells cast from decommissioned Soviet submarines installed at the base of the High Level Bridge.

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Trace Elements

1990 Mona Hatoum, Alive and Well

An installation at the very end of the Victoria Tunnel, behind the barred gate. The piece was created from the heating elements of an electric fire which glowed in the dark.

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Alive and Well

1990 Chris Burden, The Sailing Destroyer

The Sailing Destroyer was an attempt by the artist to radically modify an existing, but obsolete warship into a sailing vessel.

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The Sailing Destroyer

1988 Mona Hatoum, Over My Dead Body

A series of commissioned poster works for advertising hoardings on the Tyne & Wear Metro and in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Derry, London, Glasgow and Middlesbrough.

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Over My Dead Body

1987 Richard Wilson, One Piece at a Time

Twelve hundred second-hand car parts were suspended by wires from a platform mounted in the South Tower of the Tyne Bridge. Over a period of five weeks a motorised cutting device cut approximately 40 wires a day, causing the car components to fall to the floor.

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One Piece at a Time

1986 John Kippin, The Strawberry Portraits

A series of portraits of artists photographed by John Kippin upstairs at The Strawberry pub in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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The Strawberry Portraits

1986 Alastair MacLennan, Lie To Lay

A performance for part of New Work Newcastle '86

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Lie To Lay

1986 Mona Hatoum, Position: Suspended

A performance lasting the duration of a day in which Hatoum occupied a rudimentary wedge-shaped cage or shack

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Position: Suspended

1986 Bruce McLean, Good Violence and Physical Manners Pt.I and Pt.II

A two-day performance at the Laing Art Gallery employing telephones, radios and CB radios dealing with notions of interference and interruption.

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Good Violence and Physical Manners Pt.I and Pt.II

1986 John Adams, Intellectual Properties

This six-part fiction is an ironic, stylized discourse on representation, reproduction, production and reality. Formally structured on the concept that sound qualifies image, each segment uses a different anecdotal soundtrack to recontextualize recurring visual material, until the narratives converge in the final sequence.

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Intellectual Properties

1984 Alastair MacLennan, The Touring Exhibitionists

The Touring Exhibitionists was the first project travelling solely under the Projects UK banner. A select group of performance artists toured the country in a coach playing a various venues.

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The Touring Exhibitionists

1983 Bruce McLean, Breaks on the Bridge

A performance featuring the Whickam Synchronettes - a local group of synchronised swimmers in the Elswick Swimming pool.

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Breaks on the Bridge

1983 John Kippin, The Elsdon Mystery

A "thriller" movie which asks questions about the communicative possibilities of visual information.

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The Elsdon Mystery

1983 Silvia Ziranek, A Deliberate Case of Particulars

A performance in the Pizzaland restaurant Newcastle upon Tyne

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A Deliberate Case of Particulars

1983 John Adams, Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes is a witty collision of fiction and reality, ironically rendered as a multi-textual pastiche of mass media and personal narratives.

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Sensible Shoes

1983 Charlie Hooker, Mainbeam

Mainbeam - a ballet for vehicles - was a performance carried out at night in the Trinity Square Multi-storey car park in Gateshead.

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1982 John Adams, Bob and Jill (pt. 2)

In Bob and Jill (Pt. 2), the relation between fact and fiction in the personal and popular narratives of everyday life is rendered in an assemblage of soap opera conventions, performance and documentary

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Bob and Jill (pt. 2)

1982 Richard Grayson, Three Real Things

Three Real Things, a film by Richard Grayson was originally part of The Basement Group Showreel produced in 1983.

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Three Real Things

1981 Alastair MacLennan, Twenty Four Hours

A performance in which the artist walked from midnight to midnight continuously in a circle through a square divided in two halves, one half black paint, the other white flour.

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Twenty Four Hours

1981 Mona Hatoum, Look No Body!

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Look No Body!

1981 Charlie Hooker, Move In

Photoluminescent installation for choreographed percussion.

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Move In

1980 Bruce McLean, Action at a Distance

A performance at the Basement, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Action at a Distance

1980 Richard Grayson, Three Thousand Famous Men

Three Thousand Famous Men, by Richard Grayson was a work that was part of The Basement Group Showreel produced in 1983.

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Three Thousand Famous Men

1979 Charlie Hooker, Percussion Walk

Choreographed percussion performance and installation.

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Percussion Walk

1976 John Adams, Testing; One, Two

John Adams's first performance

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Testing; One, Two