The Locus+ Archive (incorporating material from the Basement Group and Projects UK) hosted at the University of Sunderland currently has two PhD posts affiliated to it and is the largest archive of time-based work in Europe. It forms a comprehensive historical overview of contemporary art practice from the early '70s to the present, covering artists' projects from a variety of British and international contexts. Here is a snapshot of the projects that have been digitized to date.

2000 Anya Gallaccio, Repens

Repens was a temporary land-work using a decorative motif designed by Robert Adam for the ceiling of the Great Hall at Compton Verney

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2000 Lloyd Gibson, n

Gruinard Island was used by the Ministry of Defence in World War II to experiment in biological warfare. Project n, a figurative sculpture constructed from Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) designed to distort and change at predetermined temperatures was installed on Gruinard.

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1999 Andrew Grassie, The Locus+ office

Three paintings commissioned for a series of Locus+ Christmas cards. Tempera on paper, 14.2 x 19.7cm

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The Locus+ office

1999 Laura Vickerson, Fairy Tales and Factories

Fairy Tales and Factories involved the construction and installation of a 3.5 metre wide hooded cape, with a 21-metre long train made from hundreds of thousands of red rose petals.

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Fairy Tales and Factories

1998 Anya Gallaccio, Two Sisters

Two Sisters was a 6-metre high, 2.5-metre diameter and 70-ton column of chalk bonded by plaster installed on the silt bed of the Minerva Basin, Hull. The work was continually modified by the tidal flow of the River Humber until it finally eroded and collapsed.

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Two Sisters

1998 Cathy de Monchaux, The Day Before You Looked Through Me

The Day Before You Looked Through Me is de Monchaux's first permanent public artwork, incorporating the use of photography on a monumental scale.

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The Day Before You Looked Through Me

1998 Paul St. George, Minumental

Minumental scale version of Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North, launched to coincide with the opening of the actual Angel of the North.

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1997 Lawrence Paul Yuxwelupton, An Indian Shooting the Indian Act

A performance ritual enacted at the National Rifle Association Range, Bisley and on a private estate, Healey, Northumberland in which First-Nation-Canadian Yuxwelupton shot copies of the Indian Act.

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An Indian Shooting the Indian Act

1997 Paul Wong, Window '97

Shown from 29 to 31 May 1997 to coincide with the hand-over of Hong Kong from the UK to China, Windows '97 was an installation consisting of large backlit colour photographs of Quenn Elizabeth II and Chairman Mao bordered by flashing neon symbols; the Union Jack, red star, AK47, Money signs, a crown and the new Hong Kong logo.

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Window '97

1996 Gregory Green, Gregnik (Proto 1)

A fully functional communications satellite created to broadcast stories and anecdotes from the community in the Meadow Well estateTyne & Wear

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Gregnik (Proto 1)