The Locus+ Archive (incorporating material from the Basement Group and Projects UK) hosted at the University of Sunderland currently has two PhD posts affiliated to it and is the largest archive of time-based work in Europe. It forms a comprehensive historical overview of contemporary art practice from the early '70s to the present, covering artists' projects from a variety of British and international contexts. Here is a snapshot of the projects that have been digitized to date.

1983 Bruce McLean, Breaks on the Bridge

A performance featuring the Whickam Synchronettes - a local group of synchronised swimmers in the Elswick Swimming pool.

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Breaks on the Bridge

1983 John Kippin, The Elsdon Mystery

A "thriller" movie which asks questions about the communicative possibilities of visual information.

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The Elsdon Mystery

1983 Silvia Ziranek, A Deliberate Case of Particulars

A performance in the Pizzaland restaurant Newcastle upon Tyne

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A Deliberate Case of Particulars

1983 John Adams, Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes is a witty collision of fiction and reality, ironically rendered as a multi-textual pastiche of mass media and personal narratives.

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Sensible Shoes

1983 Charlie Hooker, Mainbeam

Mainbeam - a ballet for vehicles - was a performance carried out at night in the Trinity Square Multi-storey car park in Gateshead.

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1982 John Adams, Bob and Jill (pt. 2)

In Bob and Jill (Pt. 2), the relation between fact and fiction in the personal and popular narratives of everyday life is rendered in an assemblage of soap opera conventions, performance and documentary

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Bob and Jill (pt. 2)

1982 Richard Grayson, Three Real Things

Three Real Things, a film by Richard Grayson was originally part of The Basement Group Showreel produced in 1983.

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Three Real Things

1981 Alastair MacLennan, Twenty Four Hours

A performance in which the artist walked from midnight to midnight continuously in a circle through a square divided in two halves, one half black paint, the other white flour.

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Twenty Four Hours

1981 Mona Hatoum, Look No Body!

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Look No Body!

1981 Charlie Hooker, Move In

Photoluminescent installation for choreographed percussion.

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Move In