Monica Ross, Ethical Actions: A Critical Fine Art Practice, 2017

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Monica Ross
Ethical Actions: A Critical Fine Art Practice 

128 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-3-956792-02-1
Edited by Susan Hiller and Suzanne Treister 

British artist Monica Ross (1950-2013) left behind forty years of major socially engaged, feminist, and performative artwork. 

This fully illustrated publication documents Ross’s works from 1970 to 2013, including early feminist collaborative works, drawings made at Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp in the 1980s, poster designs for the anti-nuclear movement, works relating to the writings of Walter Benjamin, and documentation from the sixty performances of Anniversary – an act of memory (2008-13), solo, collective, and multilingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which concluded with the final performance at the UN in Geneva on the day of Ross’s death.

With texts by Jorn Ebner, Esther Leslie, Eric Levi Jacobson, Alexandra M. Kokoli, Denise Robinson, Yve Lomax, and photographic documentation by Bernard G. Mills, this book is a valuable art-history document.


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