, Densen-Disperse, 2016

Christiane Löhr
Densen-Disperse, 2016 

29.06.16 - 04.09.16
Orchard Gallery
Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens
Lincolnshire PE23 5SS 

German artist Christiane Löhr has created the first contemporary art exhibition for the National Trust’s Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens.

Christiane Löhr’s practice involves the meticulous investigation of the geometric and organic structures found in the natural world.

Within the architecture of her sculptures there is a balance between the fragility of the materials and the stability of the form.

Whilst, pure and minimal, they are also unique abstract configurations of the artist’s imagination.

The materials used: seeds, plant stalks, dandelions, burrs, thistles and animal hair are found across the Gunby estate and gardens and have been created in a temporary on-site studio.

The emergent constructions not only portray the logical continuation of nature’s laws of rhythm, repetition and symmetry, but also of reduction and abundance.

For her three-dimensional works – sculptures and installations, the artist employs elements belonging to the natural world. Through these simple components, Löhr observes the perfection of the geometrical shapes, their inner structures, as well as their compositional potential, by dividing, sorting and drying them. Her attention goes towards the space as a concrete realm of intervention with her specific minimal means.

With slow and patient handwork, and renouncing any kind of adulteration (Löhr does not employ glue or any other chemical material to keep the elements together), the artist creates constructions a few centimetres high, finite shapes that open up to infinite associations.

The exhibition has been developed in partnership with Locus+ and is supported by Arts Council England as part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts inspired by the places they look after.







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