Natalie Jeremijenko & Eugene Thacker, Creative Biotechnology: a user's manual, 2004

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Natalie Jeremijenko & Eugene Thacker
Creative Biotechnology: a user's manual

ISBN 1-899377-22-0

Texts by Natalie Jeremijenko, Eugene Thacker, Denna Jones, Heath Bunting and Shannon Spanhake.

Having worked with Locus+ to develop a series of prototype kits, the Biotech Hobbyist kits have been transformed into a publication in the form of a 'users manual'. In keeping with the open ethos of Biotech Hobbyist, these manuals will also exist in the format of an e-book that can be freely accessed via the Web as downloadable PDFs it is also available in this book format. 

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Natalie Jeremijenko & Eugene Thacker
Publication Title:
Creative Biotechnology: a user's manual